Jared is from Wallingford.

He grew up in town, raised by family and friends as a paperboy, altar server, boy scout, youth sports athlete and coach, and more. After a career making impacts in finance, government, and nonprofits, he moved back to Wallingford to focus on education and raise his children in a small town surrounded by neighbors who care.

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1977- Harrison Avenue

The Liu family moved to a house on Harrison Avenue when Jared’s dad took a job with Canberra Labs in Meriden. They’ve been in Wallingford ever since. For most of that time, Charlie was in medical sales, but many people know him as a soccer coach, since he coached all 5 kids as well as Lyman Hall High School to a state championship.

Jared was born on Feb. 14 and shares a birthday with his mom! Renee started her career as a special education teacher in Pennsylvania, left teaching for a number of years to raise a family, and is still at Moses Y. Beach Elementary after 25 years. Some of their earliest family friends in Wallingford were people Renee met at the Junior League and Welcome Wagon.


1980- Grandview Avenue

The family moved to Grandview Avenue, where Charlie and Renee still reside. Ultimately, the family would include 5 kids- Todd, Jared, Melissa, Cory, Michelle-, 5 exchange students, and numerous dogs. Todd still lives in Wallingford with his wife, Jeanne, and kids, Kieran, Ronan, and McKenna.


1981- Small Town Childhood

Jared started at Whittlesey School in its last year and as a walker, since there was an elementary school in walking distance of most homes in town. In fact, his mom made him walk 3 miles to Pond Hill one morning when Jared was late for his paper route and missed the bus. He ended up serving the Record-Journal for 8 years, starting when he was 7 years old. The paper route allowed him to save for his first computer- which was programmed with floppy DOS disks!- save for college, and get to know neighbors.


1987- Active Family in Town

Jared- and most of his siblings- participated in Wallingford Youth Soccer League, Little League, Biddy Basketball, Boys Scouts or Girl Scouts, town theater, Parks & Rec summer playground and swimming, and more. As Jared got older, he led many of these activities as a soccer coach and referee, helped to build Doolittle Playground, and volunteered with the Boys & Girls Club (and had the honor of receiving the Michael Mendyka Service Award from Michael F. Small).


1992- Holy Trinity

As active members of Holy Trinity Church, Jared and all of his siblings received their First Communion and Confirmation there. Some of the many highlights of being part of this community-oriented parish included visiting Stimpson’s Pharmacy for a sweet treat before CCD on Mondays, serving on the altar for sibling’s Confirmations, the RENEW group Charlie and Renee led, and running game booths at the annual bazaar… to say little of climbing into the dunking booth on Friday night!


2000- Moved South to See About a Girl

Kristin grew up in Georgia and, after four years at Bowdoin College in Maine, longed to connect with her Southern roots. Jared made the commitment go with her and took a job at Bank of America. They met in part because, on a whim, Jared auditioned for the school chorus. A friend in the chorus turned out to be Kristin’s pre-orientation leader and later introduced them. In 2001, they were married in Rome, Georgia.


2007- First Child!

Jared and Kristin’s first child was born in 2007 and named in honor of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. They now have three kids: Rosie (11), Whitman (9), and Emmy (6). Starting a young family also cemented their desire to be near extended family. Kristin committed to moving to Wallingford where much of Jared’s family remains and, within a few years, they were back in Wallingford.


2011- Choate and the Return to Wallingford

Although Jared didn’t attend Choate, it was an honor to work in the Admissions Office there while mentoring advisees, coaching soccer and ultimate Frisbee, and advocating for young future leaders to be offered admission. Many of our best friends we know from our time at Choate. Meanwhile, Jared reengaged in Wallingford as a volunteer at Master’s Manna, active parishioner at St. Paul’s Church, and in opposition to the slashing of downtown trees. Jared heard there was meeting at Town Hall about removing the downtown trees. He went down to listen, and the rest is history.


2015- Curtis Avenue

Upon accepting a job at Yale University, the Lius left Choate’s campus but made the choice to stay in Wallingford’s beautiful town center, buying a home on Curtis Avenue to continue to enjoy proximity to church, downtown businesses, our gem of a library, and their terrific neighbors.