One of my favorite philosophies is represented by a sculpture outside of Choate’s Chapel.  It depicts the Great Law of the Iroquois, which says, "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations."

Wallingford is a great place to live, but Town Hall has missed opportunity after opportunity over the past couple decades to plan for Wallingford’s future.  With the help of businesses, developers, real estate agents, teachers, parents, department heads, and citizens like you, I have created plans to lead Wallingford into the next decade.  These plans detail how we will maintain athletic fields, re-imagine local lakes, invest in renewable energy, relocate Parks and Rec back to the downtown, capitalize on the potential of Yalesville, better communicate with you about events, coordinate with other governments to leverage grants and shared services, make our schools the envy of Connecticut, address speeding and cut-throughs in our neighborhoods, support local youth groups, and more and more.

I invite you to read our plans below, and be in touch with your best ideas and to volunteer your talents. Note that the Finance plan prioritizes these ideas and outlines the path to achieve low taxes.


* Control costs with infrastructure plans

* Invest pensions into index funds

Focus on quality & quantity of business

* Curb the spending problem

* Hire a grant writer

Arts & Community

* Revenue positive Community Pool

* Indoor farmers market in old train station

* Children’s museum in former fire station

* Create Neighborhood & Arts Councils

* Vibrant town green & Yalesville


* Plant the right tree in the right place

* Public-private partnerships

* Train volunteers to save on maintenance

* Abide by state & federal cleanup laws

* Bid jobs early to save money


* Return to generating electricity

* Fully utilize energy conservation funds

* Invest in renewal technologies

* Incentivize residential solar

* Explore municipal fiber

Plan 2027

* Neighbors caring for neighbors

* Open-door policy

* Small town feel, safe community

* Desirable retail & outdoor destinations

* Easily accessible by car, bike, and foot